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 olio  della donna

is super high quality olive oil made in Tuscany and Sicily. We work together with organic farmers to keep the soil healthy, the trees happy and to protect the olives from the dreaded fruit fly; we fret when it doesn't rain. 


In early fall we pick our olives and they are milled within hours in technologically advanced mills. Expert millers tweak the mill for each batch depending on variables like the olive varieties, ripeness level and external temperature.

Our goal is to extract the oil in perfect condition, with balanced, complex aromas and flavors and to showcase the characteristics of the olive varieties traditionally grown in the different regions where we make out olive oils. 

our olives are certified organic

collaborators are paid a fair wage

bottles and boxes are sustainably produced


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tuscan olio  

Piero tuscan field blend


A field blend of organic Frantoio, Moraiolo, Leccino and other olive varieties indigenous to the Florentine hills of Tuscany. Medium intensity with complex aromas of artichoke, arugula and fresh cut grass, balanced bitterness and spiciness contribute its harmonic persistence.


An homage to Piero Dogolini, self-sufficient Tuscan farmer from the last century who made his olive oil just like we do. He pruned carefully (saving the cuttings for firewood), farmed organically to help the trees produce good fruit and then took his olives to a technologically advanced mill because he believed that was the way to make the best tasting oil that keeps its flavor (and health benefits) the longest. Thanks Piero!


Label art Donna Di Schiena Rita Pedullà, 2014, courtesy of the artist. 

Screen Shot 2022-10-20 at 7.13.36 PM.png

Sicilian olio 


lastoria sicilian blend


A blend of organic Nocellara del Belice and Biancolilla olives go into this exuberant oil with lots of fruity, tomatoey perfumes, a full, round body and a little bit of  bright spice. 


The history, storia, of this project is reflected in this oil. I make it in the Belice valley in the interior of northwest Sicily, where it all started back in the 1700s when my ancestors owned farmland in contrada della Donna. A more recent, slightly scathing, remark from my aunt in Poggioreale kickstarted this project: You don't buy olive oil, you make it. After making award winning olive oils with a farm in Tuscany I'm producing my own Olio della Donna. Thanks Francesca!


Label art Sun Andrew Bucci, 1993, courtesy of Andrew Bucci Art LLC.


where to find olio della donna 


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from the source

Come over to Italy for a farm visit, walk through the olive groves, taste oil with us, learn to cook with olive oil and take home a few bottles directly from the source.  


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grazie mille!

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