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    Olio della Donna live with Olio2go 

On 5 Feb 2023, live from Elaine's kitchen in Tuscany, Luanne our importer at Olio2go and Elaine chat about olive oil and cook Tuscan and Sicilian recipes.  

what: olive oil tasting and demo cooking lesson


when: 5 Feb at 6:30 pm Italy time, that's 12:30pm US Eastern


how: to join in click this link: allaboutoliveoil 

    (or open Zoom and plug in meeting ID 811 2825 7465)


recipes: check back here the day after the event   

IMG_2540 3.heic

   Olio della Donna on MPB Think Radio 

Elaine's in the studio with Malcolm White and Carol Palmer

talking olive oil, Italy, food and stuff.

8 August 2022 Deep South Dining, MPB Think Radio


next up 13 Feb 2022 at 9 am, tune in live on MPB Think Radio or listen at your leisure, link will be posted here 


 the better it tastes the better it is for you

Olio della Donna olives are picked early and by hand and taken to a state-of-the-art mill within hours.

Olio della Donna is mechanically extracted from healthy olives (think fresh-squeezed orange juice)at temperatures well below the 26C/78F threshold during all phases of production (higher than that and the olives render considerably more oil but it oxidizes before it's even extracted and so it tastes bad, has little to no health benefits and automatically does not qualify as extra virgin).

We keep your olive oil fresh by filtering it as soon as it exits the mill and storing it in big tanks for as long as possible, in a dark storeroom at temperatures between 13C/55F & 17C/63F.

IMG_2561 2.heic

We do all this to avoid the onset of oxidation which eats away at the olive oils's healthy characteristics and flavor. 

Like all fats olive oil is at risk of oxidation, an enzymatic process that consumes polyphenols destroying both the flavor and health benefits of the oil, the end result of which is rancidity.

Oxidation in olive oil is caused by air, heat, light and sediment. Olive oil that is protected from those elements will be good for several years.

Store your olive oil in a cool, dark spot and once you open it, use it .. the oxygen in an open bottle will cause oxidation to start. 

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