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welcome to olio della donna
super high quality extra virgin olive oil
made with care in Italy 

olive oil is not one size fits all Olio della Donna Sicilian olive oil is made from nocellara del Belice and biancolilla olives so it's fruity and spicy, markedly different from, for example, the herbal and bitter olive oils made in Tuscany from moraiolo, frantoio and leccino olives. Just like with food and wines, where grape variety and territory make a difference, you can play with oil and food matches. Different olive oils event react differently with the same foods .. a Sicilian olive oil exalts the sweetness of sweet basil while a Tuscan olive oil brings out the basil's balsamic, minty notes. 

directly from the source you can order olive oil from us for delivery from the farm to your door

send us a message and you'll receive a price list with shipping info

we use a secure payment platform and express air courier service 

olive oil is is easy to incorporate into your cooking When you use it for cooking, sautéing, baking and frying it creates harmony with the other ingredients to make easy, flavorful and nutritious meals.

substitute extra virgin olive oil 1 to 1 for other vegetable oils

if you normally use butter, use about 80% less of the olive oil

Used simply as a topping olive oil pumps up the flavors of your foods.

drizzle a bit of olive oil on top with a bit of salt (or instead of salt)


summertime recipes the fruity flavors and bright spice of Olio della Donna laStoria Sicilian olive oil are a great match for the bounty of fresh summertime produce, for grilled meats and cool desserts.

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