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sicilian oil

Our Sicilian olive oil comes from olives farmed in the Belice river valley, nocellara del Belice and biancollila are still farmed in ancestral groves deep in the interior of northwestern Sicily. This is where it all started, in the 1700s in contrada Sparacia and of late in the village of Poggioreale where Aunt Francesca said You don't buy olive oil, you make it. Ok then, let's do that. It took a while but here it is: laStoria, a fruity, bright, spicy, exuberant olive oil.

Label art courtesy of the great folks at Andrew Bucci Art LLC. Andrew Bucci was an Italian-American artist born in Vicksburg, Mississippi. We're kind of related in that his people were married to my people in Vicksburg, small hub of activity on the Mississippi river that welcomed immigrants from Italy. Andrew's Sun watercolor expresses the intensity of the light in on the island of Sicily and the exuberanc of our oil made in that region. Learn more about Andrew's long career of creativity here


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