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Tuscan olio

Warm and spicy with a round, harmonic persistence. This oil named after Piero Dogolini, self-sufficient Tuscan farmer from the last century who made his olive oil just like this. He pruned carefully (saving all the cuttings for firewood) farmed organically to help the trees make good fruit and then took his olives to a technologically advanced mill because they make the best tasting oil that keeps its flavor (and health benefits) the longest. Thanks Piero!

Label art courtesy of Rita Pedullà, a representation of the olive branch as backbone of life, the quiet inward concentration of the ideal woman reflects the warm spice and persistent equilibrium of our Tuscan oil. Find more art by Rita Pedullà here.

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Badia di Sopra field blend

 Zona di produzione: località Badia di Sopra Loro Ciuffenna (AR), Toscana, Italia Altitudine: 450-550 mt slm ???

Casamona monocultivar Leccino 

Zona di produzione: località Casamona

Loro Ciuffenna (AR), Toscana, Italia Altitudine: 450-550 mt s.l.m. ???

 Dove trovare il nostro olio:

vieni da noi o scrivi una richiesta per spedizioni direttamente a casa tua 

o dagli amici:



in USA

The Rare Wine Co.


Liberty Heights Fresh

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Sàgona monocultivar Moraiolo

Zona di produzione: località Sàgona

Loro Ciuffenna (AR), Toscana, Italia

Altitudine: 450-550 mt s.l.m. 

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