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tuscan olio  

Piero tuscan field blend


A field blend of organic Frantoio, Moraiolo, Leccino and other olive varieties indigenous to the Florentine hills of Tuscany. Medium intensity with complex aromas of artichoke, arugula and fresh cut grass, balanced bitterness and spiciness contribute its harmonic persistence.

We farm organically and work to keep the soil healthy, the trees happy and to protect the olives from the dreaded olive fly. In early fall we pick our olives and take them to technologically advanced mills within hours. Expert millers tweak the mill for each batch depending on the olive varieties, ripeness level and external temperature.

olive oil is good and good for you

and it's easy to incorporate into your kitchen

High quality extra virgin olive oil pumps up the flavors of foods, it's the secret ingredient that creates harmony between all the other ingredients and the key for making quick, flavorful and nutritious meals.

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