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etichette labels

Rita Pedullà's Donna di Schiena, Woman from the Back, was the image of Olio della Donna before Olio della Donna existed. Rita is my friend, she paints women, nature, woman reflecting in nature and she seemingly effortlessly, simply hits the nail on the head. It's actually not that easy but she has a knack for that.  

Andrew Bucci's Sun literally floated across my screen one day when I needed a label for Sicilian oil but didn't have any idea, didn't even have an oil. It floated across my screen because I follow his estate's profile online since he's my people. Andrew was an Italian-American from Vicksburgh, Mississippi, and his people were married to my people. Turns out there are more connections than that and that Sun very neatly sums up the energy and exuberance of Sicily and the Sicilian oil that I wanted to make, that in the end is in the bottle called laStroia, with that Sun on the label.



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